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About Global Metal and Iron Inc.

At Global Metals and Iron Inc., we purchase most grades of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals from all of market groups including the commercial clients and general public both. Non-ferrous metals are purchased by the pound. Ferrous metals are purchased by the ton and pound.

We have earned a solid reputation in our industry for offering fast and courteous service along with great pricing. Our staff is knowledgeable and aims to exceed expectations. We are always more than willing to offer assistance. The combination of our computerized point of scale management system, and the latest testing devices ensure that all metals are properly graded and priced. And our pricing policies, established through constant monitoring of local and international markets, always ensure a fair market value for our customers' metals.

Our Services



Global Metals and Iron Inc. Purchasing and selling all kinds of scrap metals include :




Global Metals and Iron Inc. We providing full service with full bonded/coverage insurance liability of any size roll off bins


What We Do

Copper and Brass

We process all grades of copper and brass/bronze alloys. We serve consumer Mills, Smelters , Foundries and Refiners.


We recycle all grades of scrap aluminum such as cast aluminum, painted siding, old sheet, thermal break, over-sized etc.

Stainless Steel

We recycle soldered monel sheet and solids including trimmed seams and edges, non-metallic filling, foreign attachments etc.


Can't find a category? Browse here to see if the scarp you are searching for is listed or you can contact us.

Catalytic Converters

We deal in discarded catalytic converters for automobiles from every major manufacturer. Call us today.


We recycle all grades of scrap electronics such as Computer and accessories, printer, scanner,telephone, audio and video player etc.

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Why Choose Us

Pay more in time


With the help of our honest grading certified scale, we pay cash on the spot or right away. We make the payments in the form of transfer cheques, US dollars or Canadian dollars.

Safe and healthy environment


In our cleaning yard we provide comprehensive support and accessibility to our clients. We are checking our equipment on regular base specially our scales and ensure every work process under safe and healthy environment.

Honest and dependable


We are fully insured and treat our every client with integrity. In recycling area we are one of the most trusted waste management companies in Canada.

Customer-oriented service


We are always improving and making every effort to do our best. We respond to our client requests with urgency and efficiency, fast, responsible and reliable. Our customer-oriented service allows you to recycle with confidence and satisfying.

Who We Are?

We are committed to ongoing improvements in our environmental and quality systems throughout our entire organization. We have established a broad geographic network to maintain our current customer base and provide a catalyst for growth in new and emerging markets.

Our Values

Respect: We treat others with the same respect that we expect in return

Ethical: Honesty, integrity and fairness in everything we do.

Service: Exceeding expectations with everyone we deal with

Team: Working together is doing it better

Pride: We are proud of what we do and how we do it

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