Global Metals and Iron Inc. - Canada base wholesale buyers of scrap catalytic converters from anywhere with Honest grading cash payment of USA$ and CND$ on the spot!

We purchase scrap catalytic converters with top market price from small, large and medium-sized scrap metal companies, as well as converter buyers/collectors. Global Metals and Iron Inc. purchase from these suppliers in their convene time and at their convenience location such as auto wreckers yard, scrap metal yard and auto mechanic shops.

If you are one of the above supplier and would like to have a quote, please feel free to send us a picture of the specific catalytic converters by email one of our export zone purchase stuff will respond immediately .

Variations to this specification should be agreed upon prior to shipment between Global Metals and Iron Inc. and the seller.

Catalytic Converters

For more question and information please call us at 416-742-7887 or email us at and ask if you have more recyable items that are not on our list.