How Electronic Recycling Works?


Every day several discarded tablets, computers, printers, keyboards and other electronics are dropped to the nearest electronic recycling center, and more than 20% of computer users recycle old electronics.

Most computers contain precious metals which are not easy to mine from the earth. Salvaging these minerals allow us to reuse it for making new consumer goods. Learn, how your computer gets recycled.

Step 1: Removal Of Usable Parts

The old computer has many parts like motherboards, CMOS batteries, circuit boards and more that can be reused in computers without getting trouble with data.

Step 2: Sorting

Your local computer recycling center sorts the boards and metals to refine for resale purpose. Then, the metals are melted down to make it ready for reselling in the domestic markets. From there, it is used by a wide variety of different consumer goods.

Step 3: Shredding

Computer parts that are expected to have old used data are sent to a shredder so that it could not go in wrong hands. The metals are also shredded to be converted into ingots of raw metal.

Step 4: Shipping

The final step is preparing the usable items for shipment where they are either refined or used in developing new devices. Sometimes, these are used to create a new product from the metal entirely.

Thus, the recycling works and helps you to save resources and keep valuable items out of the trash. If you have old electronics lying in your office or home, and you are planning to recycle it, then we are here for you. At Global Metal and Iron Inc., we recycle all grades of scrap electronics. We are just one call away, let us help you get rid of old non-usable electronics.

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