What are the Methods to Recycle Non Ferrous Metals?

What are the Methods to Recycle Non Ferrous Metals? In a world, where the demand for sustainability, eco-friendly options, and staying environmentally friendly has become more a necessity than a choice, recycling is just a part of it.

However, recycling does not only imply that you have to care about nature and the environment and reduce the waste left out in nature. In fact, it means that recycling metals and other items can be best used for businesses and industries.

There are so many things that recycling can help the industries in. Right from saving the money to purchase new materials that can be extracted from the recycled stuff to the various uses of the recycled stuff. Less cost, more revenue, more optimum utilization of the resources available, sending the right message to the people, etc.

Most of the industries are already recycling the metals. But, do you know that the non ferrous metals are to be recycled a little differently? No worries, today, we shall discuss the methods to recycle the non ferrous metals:


Also known as electroextraction, it simply means to differentiate or segregate the metals that are dissolved in the metals in the dissolved state with the use of electricity. The process includes using the anode and cathode to segregate the metals and recycle the non ferrous metals.


This is one of the most common ways to segregate the non ferrous metals from the aqueous solution. It can be used for the wastewater treatment plant, in which the metals are dissolved in the aqueous waste solution.

Metal Sensors

Non ferrous metals are important to extract from scrap. Thus, sensors are used to detect the presence of the non ferrous metals and extract the specific non ferrous metals.

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