5 Common Scrap Metals You Can Sell & Recycle

5 Common Scrap Metals You Can Sell & Recycle

If you are really concerned about the growing pollution and decreasing natural resources, then show up your responsibility by conserving the metals and ores. Almost anything that is made of metal, no matter, ferrous or non-ferrous can be recycled. The unwanted or used items like batteries, car parts, pans, appliance spares, etc are just the few to name. By recycling the existing metals, we can turn them into new parts that can be effectively used anywhere. This in turn will help in saving money and conserving the ores that are lying deep inside the earth’s crust.

Some of the recyclable scrap metals are:

  1. Steel: The most commonly used material that is available in every home is steel. Almost all appliances are made of stainless steel that is an alloy of regular steel. It is an affordable metal that can be ideally recycled for making products like garbage cans, spare parts and construction tools.
  2. Aluminum: After steel, aluminum is the second most abundant metal that is used in every household in one or the other form. It is used to manufacturing everything from make ladders to railings and doorknobs to garage doors. They are pretty affordable and durable metals that should be recycled for further use.
  3. Copper: Copper is an excellent conductor of electricity and therefore, is widely used in making wires and conducting systems. They are scrap metals that can be scraped and recycled for use in water and heating systems along with other electronic devices.
  4. Brass: Brass is a rarely used natural material which is often mistaken for nickel. This material is used in making door handles, heaters, faucets, nuts, bolts, jewelry items, pipe fittings and many others to count. Since it is a lustrous and durable material, one can recycle it to emit fresh new looks.
  5. Iron: Iron is a ferrous material that can retain moisture and corrode if left at exteriors. Cast iron is something different from regular iron and are used predominantly in manufacturing of heavy and dense items like brake drums and heavy industrial equipment. A single piece of iron can be recycled many times.

These are the five unwanted metals that can be scraped and recycled for future use. If you’re are having a collection of ferrous and non ferrous scrap metals that you want to recycle or sell, contact our scrap metal dealers in Toronto at Global Metals Inc. right away.

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