How Is Metal Recycled- 4 Secret Steps Debunked!

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Metal recycling is a beneficial task that not only minimizes the use of resources but also helps in saving the money in a long run. Since the metal ores are becoming scarce due to over usage, it is the need of the hour to conserve them in every form. No matter, the metal is in its recycled state or newly extracted, it manages to deliver the durability and performance it should.

Almost each of us might have contributed our share in saving the natural ores and minerals by recycling the metal cans and containers that are no more in use. Do you what happens after a scrap dealer takes away the unwanted ferrous and non-ferrous material you have collected? If no, here are some metal recycling steps you must be aware of:

  1. Sorting & Separating: As soon as the scrap material from cars, appliances, industrial equipment, bins, and cans arrive at the recycling facility, they are sorted and separated based on the material they are made of. Since various categories of metals need to be recycled differently, make sure you separate them carefully. After they are separated, consider sorting them based on the grades they are composed of.
  2. Cleaning & Melting Down: Once we get enough of a certain kind of metal, it’s time to clean it to remove impurities, if any. Don’t wash the metals that can become faulty by coming in contact with the water, i.e. catalytic converters and batteries. After the cleaning is done, go further for the revivification process. The scrap metal is compacted into cubes and melted down in a metal furnace.
  3. Recycling & Making Ingots: After the metal is recycled, it doesn’t go directly into its next form. Before giving the recycled cans, auto parts, appliances and wires a new shape, they are formed into the ingots which are a fancy name for the metal bars. This allows easy storage, shipping and sale of the recycled material.
  4. Remelting & Casting: As soon as the recycled metal reaches a manufacturing plant, it is remelted to mold it for desired looks. The resultant product exhibits a good quality and durability. Once its sold and used, the same process of metal recycling is followed again, right from the used metal pick up to sorting, recycling and remelting.

These were some of the recycling steps that explain the procedure of metal recycling. If you are planning to sell unwanted metals for recycling purpose, contact the scrap metal dealers at Global Metals & Iron Inc.

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