Why Should You Recycle Aluminum Metal?

Why Should You Recycle Aluminum Metal?

When it comes to metals, the most abundant one is Aluminum. With bauxite as its ore, aluminum is found in almost every part of the world. The fact that it can be recycled repeatedly without losing its durability, this metal is currently ruling the metal industry. Of all the aluminum cans manufactured in a year, almost 50% of them are recycled.

This sustainable metal is both environment friendly and affordable. It is majorly used in the manufacturing of airplane bodies and storage cans. Recycling of aluminum metal provides both environmental and economic benefits. By reusing the existing metal, one can greatly put its share in saving the natural ore in the earth’s crust.

Applications Areas Of Aluminum
The most common application areas where aluminum is used for supporting day to day life are:

  • Electrical conductors
  • Automobile bodies
  • Building & architecture
  • Sporting equipments
  • Gas cylinders & cans
  • Lithographic plates
  • Machine components
  • Road tools & barriers

Benefits of recycling aluminum:

  1. It conserves energy: To extract a metal from its ore, its requires 90% of energy usage. In contrast, recycling the existing metal consumes just 30% of energy. By preferring recycling instead of extracting the new ore, one can end up saving a good amount of renewable energy. Most of you won’t believe that recycling a single unit of aluminum alone can save energy equivalent to that needed to run a TV set for a couple of hours.
  2. It conserves raw material: Aluminum is extracted from bauxite ore that is reducing slowly. By scraping aluminum, we can greatly put our share in conserving its natural ore. Opt for recycling and reusing this metal as many times as possible. Scrap aluminum can greatly help in saving approximately 4 tons of bauxite for each ton of recycled metal.
  3. Reduces pollution:Using recycled aluminum not only helps in saving energy but also assist in reducing greenhouse emissions and pollution. Not only this, by utilizing trashes of aluminum cans and tools, we can save the environment from the effect of acid rain and global warming.

These are some of the reasons that compel scrap metal industries to recycle and reuse aluminum metal. If you are having a lot of empty metal cans inside your store or garage, consider selling them to scrap metal dealers for recycling purposes at Global Metals Inc.

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